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    Lavish Habit Home would love to help transform your dwelling into the space you've always wanted, be it home, your workspace, office, rental property or holiday home. 
    We work with all budgets, from light re-furbishment to full re-work. 
    We have over 20 years of experience in both commercial and domestic properties.    



    we offer the following services

    Re-Work and Re-Love

    A lower cost, faster turnaround service, see results without spending a fortune. 
    Essentially working with your existing furniture and fittings, we would provide concept layouts that would restore balance, show off your style and personality by de-cluttering and constructive re-organising of your space, while suggesting pieces that could be used to further enhance the look that you want to achieve.  

    Interior Design

    A more integral and involved service, offering a complete overhaul of your space.  We would provide full design layout, furniture and colour ways, including details of paint, flooring, structures and unique custom sourced or made furniture and furnishings.  
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